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You should beware of any attorney who makes guarantees to get you to hire him. For example, if he tells you that if you hire him he will beat the case or can guarantee a particular plea agreement. The criminal justice system is made up of people – Police Officers, Prosecutors and Judges etc. Therefore, it can, and usually will, be very unpredictable and no outcome can be guaranteed in advance. An experienced Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer will tell you what the most likely outcomes will be if you make certain choices like entering into a plea agreement or going to trial.

If you’re facing charges of driving under the influence in the Los Angeles area, you need to hire a lawyer who specializes in handling DUI cases. Since DUI law can be very complicated, it is important that you don’t try to represent yourself or try to save money by working with an inexperienced attorney who is not a DUI defense expert. This is a sure way to lose your driving privileges or even lose your criminal case in court.

When researching lawyers, you should look for attorneys in your area who specialize in or have experience with DUI/DWI cases. Their local professional relationships and knowledge of DUI laws will be invaluable to your case.

DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer

DUI attorneys should be able to handle all cases related to DUI or DWI, including charges for:

** Refusing to take a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.
** Driving with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle.
** Underage drinking and driving.
** Cases involving injury or death resulting from DUI.

DUI lawyers specialize in handling DUI cases so they keep up on all of the latest developments in the field. If new information becomes available in the area of DUI defense, your attorney will be one of the first to know. Attorneys who specialize in DUI defense also have contact with many experts who can serve as witnesses during criminal trials or provide additional information that can help you win your face. Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer can help you to have a positive outcome at the close of your DUI case.

DUI Lawyers & DUI Cases

There are two parts to DUI cases. Knowing the two parts is important because they can affect how the prosecutor in the case chooses to proceed. If the prosecutor decides to handle your case based on your impairment, s/he may introduce testimony from law enforcement officers and other witnesses. The purpose of the testimony will be to show that you were too physically impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle at the time of your arrest.

Testimony may be given about your driving habits, behavior at the time of arrest, physical appearance, and performance on field sobriety tests. The other way a prosecutor can handle the case against you is by focusing on the results of any chemical testing that was performed on the day of your arrest. If your blood alcohol meets or exceeds legal limit of 0.08%, the prosecutor can show that you were guilty of driving under the influence. Chemical testing can be complicated to understand, so having DUI lawyers on your team can help you to defend yourself against the charges if the prosecutor chooses to focus on chemical test results.

DUI Lawyers & DUI Driving Penalties

Driving under the influence in the state of Los Angeles will result in the suspension of your driver’s license before your criminal trial even takes place. Los Angeles does allow you to appeal the suspension so that you can continue driving to work and other places while you wait for your trial. Having DUI lawyers to represent you during the DMV hearing can make the difference between getting your driving privileges reinstated and having to serve out the remainder of your suspension period. Your attorney can speak on your behalf and let hearing officers know how important your driving privileges are for keeping your job and meeting the obligations of your life.

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DUI Lawyers & Criminal Penalties for DUI

One, you can’t make an informed decision about who will represent you without fully understanding what you are facing and how that person might handle your case. Second, whether an attorney is willing to patiently answer all of your questions can tell you a lot about that person. If he (or she) will not answer your questions before you hire him, he likely will not do so when he already has your money and you are standing in court. The most important thing that you can do when speaking to a Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer is to ask questions. Do not let your embarrassment, or the attorneys attitude, stop you from doing so. Asking questions is important for two reasons.

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